A selection of photography projects from my MFA studies. Prints are available for purchase.

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Hometown Inn

A series of motels along U.S. Route 11 using a Holga 120 “toy” camera and expired Kodak Portra 160 Chromogenic Film. My intention is to draw a parallel between the “obsolete” technology and the obsolescence of the motor lodges. By eschewing sleek, modern digital technology in favor of a simple, wholly imperfect capture mechanism and medium, the images act as a reminder of the former glories of automotive travel.

Restraint and Escape

"Restraint and Escape" examines the psychosocial interplay between the mental state of a seemingly trapped individual and his or her day-to-day environment. Constantly seeking escape and relief, the individual begins to question his or her very existence. In the throes of this unhealthy mental state, the individual’s outlook fully devolves into a false dichotomy: a black and white existence that translates extremes into inevitabilities. The line between reality and nightmare blurs, and the unhealthy self fractures. Photography’s inherent link to reality allows for a representation of the concrete world that is still malleable and transformative in the hands of the artist.


Salt has been a natural preservative used for centuries to preserve all types of foods. Without salt, we would surely starve. Likewise, salt is a necessary ingredient in photographic preservation. "Salt" examines the intrinsic link between salt as food preservative and salt as memory preservative.


"Ghosts" is a series of images that comments on the present era of urban migration in The United States as a product of the impact of deregulated capitalism on the economy of rural towns. The series uses light, color, and rectilinear formal elements to highlight retail spaces that were once occupied by local businesses, but have since been forced to close due to their inability to compete with large, national corporations. Specifically, the images use reflections in store windows to create a plastic dynamism that furthers a narrative of change, confusion, and nostalgic longing. As the ambiguous and confusing spatial dynamics and plastic intervals are revealed within the scenes of abandonment and emptiness, they act as formal parallels to the narrative elements.