Combating childhood obesity through education and community involvement.

Project Overview


The United States has an alarmingly high rate of childhood obesity, with these rates trending increasingly higher year-after-year. Lowe’s asked us to investigate ways to help alter this trend, reinforcing that Lowe’s doesn’t just believe in home improvement but also community improvement.


  • Investigate some underlying causes of the childhood obesity epidemic
  • Investigate how the US education system plays a part in shaping children's perception about food and nutrition
  • Identify opportunities to help reinforce positive food and nutrition choices
  • Develop a socially relevant and actionable solution that positions Lowe’s as a community partner


Introducing the Lowe’s Lunchbox Project, an outreach and education program for community schools that teaches children where their food comes from via a comprehensive curriculum and a set of digital and physical tools.


Understanding how U.S. school children learn about food choices

American School Lunch
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South Korean School Lunch
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French School Lunch
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Italian School Lunch
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Greek School Lunch
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Brazilian School Lunch
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Our intial hypothesis began with the idea that the abundance of processed food in US schools has directly led to the increased obesity rate. After reading an article from the Huffington Post detailing the stark difference between US school lunches and school lunches from other countries, it became apparent to us that not only are American children eating significantly more processed food than their worldly counterparts, but this processing has led to them being less aware of how food is actually sourced. With this in mind, we set out to create a program for Lowe's to help educate students about where their food actually comes from.

The Lunchbox

A Physical, Interactive Educational Experience.

Fig 1: The Box Exterior

Fig 2: Tools and Garden Bed

Fig 3: Growing In the Box

Fig 4: Getting to Eat What They Grow

The Lunchbox is the foundation of the program. It is a small, portable garden box that comes complete with everything that a child needs to grow their own herbs, fruit, and vegetables. When used in tandem with the educator app, schools, educators, and families will be able to teach children exactly where their food comes from. The best part? Once they've grown their food, they'll have the opportunity to eat it in real meals, in their very-own school and at home.

Lowe's will be the community partner that both introduces this program, and allows it to be viable. Through community and corporate donations, the lunchboxes and app will be distributed to communities in need, showing Lowe's as a true community partner.

The Educator App

A Digital, Fully-Featured Management Tool

Fig 1: Custom Lesson Plans

Fig 2: Class Schedule


The tablet application allows educators to access a custom lesson plan and curriculum that's tailored to the needs of his or her particular class. Lessons will work in tandem with the physical box to allow for integration with a variety of subjects, all solidifying the child's understanding of how and why food is grown.

Fig 1: Roster Tracker

Fig 2: Reorder Supplies

Program Management

The app also allows educators to view their student roster, providing tools to easily track progress and communicate with parents. Additionally, reordering Lunchbox supplies is easily accomplished through the app.

Fig 1: Box Design Considerations

Fig 2: App Wireframes


Both the box and the app were carefully designed with their respective users in mind by considering the primary pain points inherent to both children and educators. Through understanding the user's needs, the products will work as effectively and efficiently as possible to enable active engagement and information retention.

The Team

A list of team members and their roles

Dan Cotting

Experience Designer


Maria Kouninski

Art Director